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Illinois Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

As of January 1, 2020, all Illinois employers are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training to their employees every year, regardless of the size of the company.  Illinois employers will have until January 2, 2021 to train all employees on harassment prevention. Employers will need to train all independent contractors and freelancers in addition to company employees.

Consequences of Non-Compliance?

Employers who do not provide compliance training will be subject to civil penalties including:

  • $500 if the company has less than four employees; $1,000 if the company has 4+ employees; and as much as $5,000 for repeat violations



Proactive Human Resources:  Your Anti-Harassment Training Solution

Our virtual or onsite training program covers all of the legally required information and more.

IL Mandated Requirements:

  • An explanation of sexual harassment; 

  • Examples of conduct that constitutes unlawful sexual harassment; 

  • A summary of relevant federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, including remedies available to victims of sexual harassment; and 

  • A summary of responsibilities of employers in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment


Additional Information Included by Proactive:

  • A legally compliant Anti-Harassment Policy for each employee

  • A recorded copy of the training presentation for future use for new hires within the next year

  • A separate one-hour training session for Supervisors (in addition to the mandated one hour for all employees) after all employee session – NO COST FOR ADDITIONAL SUPERVISOR SESSION

  • Program customization based on your industry (includes additional mandated training requirements for retail, hotel, bar and restaurants)

  • Program customization tailored to your specific workforce and job roles

  • Interactive dialogue and Q&A to ensure employee engagement and knowledge attainment

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